The Envoy Approach
Envoy Advisors is committed to ensuring that each client receives hands-on, dedicated attention throughout the course of an engagement. Because we work exclusively with small and mid-sized companies, we understand the unique needs and constraints of our clients. Envoy strives to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, completing client engagements successfully, without putting a strain on our clients valuable and limited resources.

Fact-Based and Analytical
Envoy utilizes its extensive experience and resource set to perform superior fact-based industry, competitive, and financial analytics on our clients behalf. These analysis provide the critical support necessary to make informed critical path business decisions.

While fact-based analyses provide the core of our strategic advise, reviewing this information with an entrepreneurial emphasis – and more importantly understanding the risk-return trade offs that are frequently make or break decisions for small businesses provide Envoy’s clients with unique and tangible results.

The Envoy team’s unique and diverse backgrounds provide our clients with a level of practical experience usually found within large consultancies and investment banks. Our approach to problem solving and analysis is practical – and results in actionable advice and outcomes, not theoretical hypothesis.

Smaller companies using large consulting firms or investment banks will invariably find their projects on the back burner, receiving little senior level attention. At Envoy, we make a commitment to our clients, and understand that time and focus mean everything to a small business. We are committed to providing dedicated service and attention from our senior staff.

Team Based
The Envoy team work collaboratively to deliver the optimal, most comprehensive output that ensures our clients that no stone is left unturned. The diverse and broad experience set that the Envoy team collectively bring to a clients disposal is a unique value proposition. Additionally, the experiences that the Envoy team have range from working directly with Fortune 50 companies, to negotiating with Fortune 50 companies from the position of a start-up, to developing strategies for companies ranging from no revenue to over $1 billion. These experiences make Envoy uniquely positioned to assist our target client base.

Envoy seeks to form long-term partnerships with all of our clients. In order to accomplish this, each and every client must feel that the entire Envoy team is absolutely committed to obtaining their critical path objectives, as quickly as possible.

Long-Term Focused
By focusing on the long-term success and profitability of our clients, while being mindful of the short term financial needs of the business, we are able to consistently drive enhanced long-term shareholder value at our clients. This long-term focus is unique in an industry where typical advisors are singly focused on transactional success fees.

In all Envoy engagements, Envoy structures the relationship so that we can be held accountable for our work – by setting objective milestones and metrics that are continually measured during an engagement, and allows Envoy to align ourselves with our clients specific needs and objectives – and deliver tangible, and actionable guidance. Envoy frequently takes a combination of equity and cash compensation, which further aligns Envoy with its clients.

Relationship Centric
Envoy has built a strong recurring client base – by focusing on the relationship. These relationships include our clients, key players in the financial world, including venture capital firms, private equity investors, mezzanine and subordinated debt investors, investment banks, consulting firms and law firms. Envoy constantly leverages all of our relationships for the benefit of our clients.