Capital Raising
When our clients need to raise private capital, Envoy can guide them through every step of the process and help them find the right investors to provide the funding they need to grow and thrive. Our capital raising services include:
  • Funding strategy and analysis
  • Memorandum development
  • Preparation of marketing documents and presentations
  • Funding source strategy
  • Negotiation support and valuation analysis

Funding strategy and analysis
The first, and arguably the most important, step in private fundraising is determining the appropriate capital structure for a growing business. Critical questions to consider include:

  • How much capital do we need?
  • How much capital should we raise now?
  • What type of private capital should we consider?
  • Creating Value
    Envoy’s experience, derived from years of work as investment bankers, venture capitalists, and strategy consultants, provides a high level of value to business owners. Our knowledge and understanding of all capital markets (public and private; debt and equity) means our clients can be confident that we will work with them to develop the appropriate financing strategy, and inform them of all capital sources available to them. We help our clients understand what to expect from the financing community with respect to response, terms, and valuation, which makes entire fundraising process easier

    Envoy provides clients with a complete analysis and presentation of viable financing alternatives. We also provide a valuation analysis of our client company and a complete list of potential financing sources.

    Length of Engagement
    A typical funding strategy engagement lasts two to three weeks.

Memorandum development
An offering memorandum represents the first and primary document reviewed by potential investors. Assessments of a prospective investment are quick and usually irreversible. A strong memorandum significantly enhances the probability of a successful financing round.
  • Creating Value
    The backgrounds and experience of Envoy’s team of professionals is an invaluable resource that can be used to create a strong memorandum that properly positions our client in the eyes of potential investors. We offer a hands-on approach and provide thorough documentation and support for our clients’ cases. Our unique strategic insights augment our clients’ business strategies.
  • Deliverables
    We will complete an enticing, thorough, and professional offering memorandum to attract potential investors.
  • Timeline
    The process of creating an offering memorandum takes anywhere from four to eight weeks.
Preparation of marketing documents and presentations
The first presentation to investors can make or break a financing round. A thorough, concise expression of the vision, strategy and financials of a company can leave an impression of a highly organized, seasoned management team. Envoy helps our clients accomplish this.
  • Creating Value
    Envoy has extensive experience creating marketing documents and investor presentations. Our hands-on approach leverages the time commitment requirements of senior executives, and enables our clients’ management to remain focused on operating the business, avoiding the typical distractions that frequently occur during the fundraising process.
  • Deliverables
    Envoy will create an impressive executive summary to generate the interest of potential investors. We will also create a striking and informative road show presentation, and coach our clients on the key speaking points for the presentation.
  • Timeline
    Creation of marketing materials and an investor presentation generally requires one to three weeks.
Funding source strategy
Following the development of the financing strategy and identification of target financing sources, the creation of a sourcing strategy is critical. Knowledge of the private capital markets is critical, as is the manner in which the capital sources are solicited.
  • Creating Value
    Envoy has the resources to identify appropriate investors around the globe. Our professional networks can be leveraged to help increase the probability of closing financing rounds. Our experience with all aspects of capital raising can be leveraged to simplify the due diligence process and to assist with the negotiation of critical terms and conditions of the investment
  • Deliverables
    In addition to generating a strategic target investor list, we develop an appropriate contact strategy and make contact with potential funding sources for our clients.
Negotiation support and valuation analysis
Once a capital source or sources have been identified, a thorough due diligence review and negotiation process is commenced. Envoy plays a leading role in the negotiations and due diligence process for our clients.
  • Creating Value
    By assisting in negotiations, Envoy helps to protect the positive relationship between the funding source and management team. We help to reduce the legal costs of the closing process and increase the probability of completing the financing round. We also leverage management time such that executives must address with critical deal points only, and can remain focused on business execution.
  • Deliverables
    Envoy can deliver a smooth due diligence process, a smooth closing process, and the funds a company needs to expand and succeed.