Process Improvement

Envoy Advisors offers its clients process improvement solutions that are designed to help streamline operations and processes. Using Envoy’s proven methodologies and toolsets, key business results are achieved in a timely fashion. Based on Envoy’s experience, clients obtain tangible financial performance improvements via reduced operating and inventory carrying costs.

The Solution
Envoy’s process improvement solutions are designed to properly position organizations to exploit opportunities available in the marketplace by lowering costs, and expanding capacity. Envoy’s solutions are able to seamlessly cross the department and operational boundaries within client organization to deliver continuous improvement.

Envoy’s process improvement solutions leverage principles from lean manufacturing (Toyota Production System) and quality management (Six Sigma).

Envoy develops process improvement solutions for each client, which are tailored to meet specific needs. In addition to helping businesses meet their operational goals, Envoy leverages its experience in order to rapidly deliver best practices derived from the small businesses and Fortune 50 businesses where many of Envoy’s team members began their career.

Our Experience
Envoy’s process improvement team has delivered solutions across a wide range of industries. Envoy Advisors’ personnel are well versed in the latest trends, tools, and technologies being deployed. Envoy’s process improvement expertise comes from extensive backgrounds in lean manufacturing, quality management and engineering.

Envoy’s solutions are aided by our strong focus on developing tangible returns and enhancements for its clients. Envoy leverages its expertise in economic and financial analysis to measure the improvements, and quantify tangible results.